Confidentiality Policy



When you talk to one of our cousellors, what you say will remain confidential within our service.  In exceptional circumstances we may not always be able to keep your confidence.

This is if:

• You, or another person you tell us about, is in danger or at risk of serious harm.

• If anybody using our service puts staff, or other users, at risk we reserve the right to pass this information on to other agencies.


Whatever is troubling you we can help. Call us now on: WISS (Oxfordshire) 07522799659


Consent and information sharing:


It may be helpful to keep a record of what has been talked about, and what needs to be done and by whom. Information can only be recorded with your written permission.

We will:

• Go through a consent form with you that lets you tell us how we can contact you and what information we can share with others

• Update the consent form on a regular basis, usually every 6 months.

If you don’t want information written down then we will still continue to work with you.  Please tell us if there is certain information that you don’t want to be recorded and we will respect that decision.  Paper files are kept in a locked filing cabinet.

Information kept in paper files will be kept for 6 years and then shredded. Do ask a worker if you have any further questions about this policy.

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