People who could benefit

Joe's Parents have split up and he isn't able to concentrate on his school work.

Joe can't talk to his friends in the same way that he used to and everything seems to be getting out of control.

Through weekly councelling, Joe can learn new coping skills to help deal with his present family situation and start to move forward. 

Junaid is 18 years old and wants to improve how he looks. 

He's started to spend a lot of time in the gym, restricting his daily food intake and now he's started to vomit after eating.

Junaid is aware that his behaviour has changed and he wants to go back to socialising with his friends, however he needs support in addressing his thoughts and feelings regarding emotional issues to be able to begin to change his behaviour. If Junaid contacts our service we would be able to provide him with all the support he needs to find a balanced outlook on life and health.

Since Sam's Dad died 6 months ago she's stopped going to college and going out with her friends.  She spends most of her day alone in her room and knows things need to change soon.

Sam can could call us or even be refered by anyone close to her and will receive weekly appointments for up to 1 year to help her manage past and present life events and emotions.

Amalia has been finding life very stressful at present due to external pressures like exams.

The increased pressure has caused Amalia to feel low in mood and have thoughts of harming herself. 

By contacting 16 to 25 support she would speak to a counsellor and engage with weekly counselling sessions to help her manage her stress more appropriately.

We have expert councellors with extensive experience in this area who have already helped hundreds of people over the years.

Whatever is troubling you we can help. Call us now on: WISS (Oxfordshire) 07522799659

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